"My classes are AWESOME! I can't thank you enough for giving me the tools to be successful in my very first year of teaching. It's been a pleasure to work with you!"

D'Maya Hashaway, 7th grade Texas History
Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD
Daingerfield, TX

"Over the past 8 years working in Longview ISD, the workshops that I have attended were informative and productive. But I just finished another workshop that had a very different perspective! Instead of just sitting and being a student, we moved around, interacted with other participants, played word-association games, shared conversations about classroom situations, and participated in role playing. We had a great time as we were "filled" with information, concepts, and motivation for the new school year! Thank you, Dr. Q!"

Joe Pierce, Jr., Special Education Instructional Assistant
Foster Middle School
Longview, TX

"When Dr. Q visits, he clears up so much confusion! Every time he has helped our district with RtI/MTSS procedures, I have walked away with such a feeling of success and clarity. The understanding of what data is important and how to best track it as well as timelines and implementation plans for students really comes to life. Dr. Q has knowledge in his field and excels in sharing it with others. Our district is better for utilizing his expertise!"

Lisa Alexander, RtI Math Interventionist
Whitehouse ISD
Whitehouse, TX

"Thank you for your support in our RTI progress over the years. I feel a shift in the culture when it comes to RTI, and I am grateful for that."

Jaclyn Pederson, Director of Curriculum
UT Tyler University Academy
Tyler, TX

"Dr Q's method of data analysis is clear and concise. He analyzed my district's STAAR and common assessment data, and then personally walked my team through an in-depth item analysis. His knowledge and expertise of data and assessment building is invaluable to my district!"

Dr. Ashlee Boothe, Director of Curriculum
Hardin ISD
Hardin, TX

“Dr Q has been an invaluable leader and support with regard to Response to Intervention. On a personal note, the training I have received has been key to closing the achievement gaps and targeting specific student needs.”

JJ Holman, Truancy Prevention Facilitator
Tatum ISD
Tatum, TX

"Thank you so much for your presentation on behavior and classroom management. Everything you taught was practical and can easily be implemented to improve student behavior. You keep students' needs at the forefront, but also understand the needs of teachers. You get kids and you get teachers. Then for RtI/MTSS, wow! I finally feel like I understand what to do and how to do it. The way you explained how to track the data is simple and easy, thanks a ton! "

Kristin Dungan, 3rd Grade RLA
Daingerfield Lone Star ISD
Daingerfield, TX

"The assessment analysis you provided is exactly spot on with respect to 'assessment aligning with taught curriculum.' We must assess the tendencies! Thank you for working to get this information to our campus administration so that they can make more informed decisions about assessments and assessed curriculum."

Jay Ratcliff, Superintendent
Harleton ISD
Big Sandy, TX

"Dr. Q, thank you so much for coming and talking to our class today. Your passion for your craft is not only evident but contagious as well. I also was very encouraged by your willingness to self-identify as having ADHD. As someone who also has a learning disability, I was very encouraged to know that it is possible to be respected and self-identify at the same time, thank you!"

Bethany Bosworth, Clinical Teacher
LeTourneau University, Class of 2019
Longview, TX

"I have attended many trainings Dr. Q has provided and the amount of knowledge he has as well as shares with everyone to better education for all stakeholders amazes me. Now that I am an Assistant Principal, I have implemented new behavioral programs on my campus, Dr. Q was my first and only call to help get these programs up and running. Dr. Q has trained the staff to run the programs effectively and efficiently. Dr. Q has provided several staff development training for our entire staff and his trainings are never dreaded. Dr. Q provides the staff with tools they can use and takes the time to show them how to implement these tools. Dr. Q is not one of those "train and go" people, he truly cares about those he serves, he continually checks in and is always available if you have questions or need assistance with anything. I feel extremely honored to have been trained by Dr. Q and blessed that he is training my staff now."

Mindi Cox, M.Ed, Behavior Specialist, Assistant Principal
Jefferson Elementary School
Jefferson, TX.

"Dr Q is one of the most purpose driven, focused individuals I know. He enjoys what he has been called to do. His energy impacts and empowers those in his presence. He has the ability to accomplish any task regardless of the scale be it large or small. He's ambitious and dedicated, his personality is contagious, he's a dynamic leader."
Sha Steward, Special Education Counselor
Kilgore ISD
Kilgore, TX

"Dr Q continuously seeks out resources to find new and creative approaches to involve students in critical thinking and active problem-solving.
He works closely with teachers and students to develop capacity and innovated thinking through project based learning. Dr Q also has an endless supply of musical lyrics and movie quotes from the '80s, and he can whip them out at the most opportune time, to either lighten the mood or before giving us more to do!"

Dr. Lara Cavin, Director of Certification and Compliance
240 Certification
Longview, TX

""The MTSS process that Dr. Q modeled for us has been so successful our diagnosticians are no longer overwhelmed with special ed referrals. Thank you, Dr. Q, you have been such a big help to us!""

Cindy Verhalen, Director of Special Education
Longview ISD
Longview, TX