Response to Intervention - Behavior

Dr Q Consulting can assist with all of your RtI-B needs, including:
  • Provide teacher and administrative training associated with RtI-Behavior
  • Oversee the implementation of the district’s social-emotional curriculum
  • Assist campus leadership with data analysis of ODRs each month or grading period (by student, teacher, location, time, day of the week, ethnicity, gender, etc.)
  • Meet with grade-level teams (on-site visit) once per month or grading period to support efforts in Tier 1, including the implementation of a social-emotional learning curriculum
  • Assist teachers in writing appropriate behavior intervention plans for students placed in Tier 2 or 3
  • Monitor and track the intervention plans for each student in Tier 2 and 3, specifically the daily or weekly progress monitoring
  • Work with district/campus personnel to administer a school culture/climate student survey and a separate staff survey

Additional considerations:
  • On-site training specific to ISS and DAEP staff
  • Serve as the LEA’s contact for Data Compliance Review- Discipline
  • Conduct a safety & security audit for each campus once every three years per TEC 37.108
  • Conduct teacher observations and feedback cycles for teachers struggling with classroom management
  • Serve as the LEA’s Level 2 discipline hearing officer
  • Review discipline data with campus/district leadership each six weeks, analyzing data for concerns related to disproportionality, DVM-Discipline, PEIMS coding, etc.

The following documents can assist you with implementing your RtI-Behavior process: