Instructional Coaching and Teacher Mentoring

Dr Q Consulting will:
  • Conduct a 45 minute observation, once a week, in six week cycles for first year teachers, teachers in their first year with the district, or teachers designated as “needing support” based on RtI-Academic Tier 1 data
  • Follow up with the teacher later the same week to provide constructive feedback from the observation in a reflective coaching feedback session, up to 45 minutes long.
  • Provide small, simple steps toward improvement to the teacher with the expectation that these steps would be implemented immediately and noticeably seen during next week’s observation.
  • Provide weekly feedback to campus administration on the progress of the teacher.
    • Use the “waterfall” document from Get Better Faster (Bambrick-Santoyo, 2016) as the primary tool in diagnosing where the teacher needs to begin and focus his/her efforts.
    • Move the teacher further down the “waterfall” document weekly over the six week observation cycle.
  • Provide observable results in just one week.

Other considerations, Dr Q Consulting could… 
  • Lead teachers in T-TESS training. 
  • Support campus administrators with second appraisals,as needed.
  • Assist campus administrators in writing growth plans (i.e. TINAs), as needed.
  • Lead administrators in T-PESS and/or AEL training.
  • Serve as a mentor teacher for new teachers to the profession, new teachers to the campus/district, or teachers struggling with classroom management and/or instructional delivery. 
  • Lead a mentor program for your campus or district 
  • Conduct third-party exit interviews when personnel leave the district. 
  • Assist in the recruitment, on-boarding, and retention of staff.

Expected Outcomes (compared to the previous school year): 
  • Reduce turnover rate by 20% 
  • Increase the applicant pool by 20% 
  • Increase teacher’s level of “feeling supported” by administration by 20% 
  • Increase the level of “qualified applicants” by 20%
  • Decrease disruptive behavior in the classroom by 50%
  • Increase instructional time/time-on-task by 50% 
  • Increase academic success by 20% (based on local assessments)

Possible Funding Sources:
  • State Compensatory Education
  • Title I, Part A 
  • Title II 
  • Title IV, Part A 
  • Title V, Part B 
  • Special Education, specifically CEIS funds