Response to Intervention - Behavior

Dr. Q Consulting will:
  1. Provide any teacher and administrative training associated with RtIBehavior
  2. Create a Tier 1 spreadsheet (by grade level) using proprietary exemplar, could be used in conjunction with the RtI-A Tier 1 spreadsheet
  3. Enter data into the Tier 1 spreadsheet, ensuring it is a “living” document, current and complete, updated weekly
  4. Enter data per ODR into the PBIS Apps Suite. This is for data analysis purposes only. This step does not replace, change, or modify the district/campus’ current process for documenting ODRs.
  5. Contact teachers (as appropriate) to complete the SDQ and FAST documents for each student considered for Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions
  6. Score the SDQ and FAST documents for each student considered for Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions
  7. Oversee the implementation of the district’s social-emotional curriculum
  8. Provide data analysis based on the Tier 1 spreadsheet (i.e. tracking trends and patterns of absences, tardies, ODRs, etc.), including analysis of Tier 1 implementation for effectiveness and future decision-making
  9. Assist campus leadership with data analysis of ODRs each month or grading period (district/campus discretion) by student, teacher, location, time, day of the week, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  10. Assist campus leadership in creating a Parent Input form as part of Tier 2 and 3 universal gating
  11. Review discipline data with campus/district leadership each six weeks, analyzing data for concerns related to disproportionality, DVM-Discipline, PEIMS coding, etc. (as needed)
  12. Meet with grade-level teams (on-site visit) once per month or grading period to support efforts in Tier 1, including the implementation of a socialemotional learning curriculum
  13. Offer virtual meetings, webinars, etc. (as needed)
  14. Assist teachers in writing appropriate behavior intervention plans for students placed in Tier 2 or 3
  15. .Monitor and track the intervention plans for each student in Tier 2 and 3, specifically the daily or weekly progress monitoring
  16. Provide resources, materials, and training as needed (by teacher, campus, or district)
  17. Visit with the district webmaster to provide program updates (as needed)
  18. Assist campus PEIMS staff in designating students as receiving intervention services (per SB 1153)
  19. Assist campus/district leadership to ensure that the district board policy, mission and vision statements, and the district RtI-B manual are aligned.
  20. Provide unlimited phone calls and email support
  21. Work with district/campus staff to complete two comprehensive needs assessments (early Fall & late Spring)
  22. Work with district/campus personnel to administer a school culture/climate student survey and a separate staff survey
  23. Offer additional on-site training (as needed, see Additional Training Payment Schedule)
Expected Outcomes (compared to the previous school year):
  • 20% increase students remaining in class
  • 20% reduction in the number of ODRs
  • 20% reduction in the number of students receiving ODRs
  • 20% reduction in ISS/OSS placements
  • 20% reduction in recidivism (students returning to ISS)
What the district will provide Dr. Q Consulting:
  1. Access to the district’s SIS program (i.e. Skyward, TxEIS, etc.)
  2. Access to the districts RtI data tracking program (i.e. Google, DMAC, Skyward, Eduphoria, etc.)
  3. Access to PEIMS personnel and others related to student behavior, classroom management, and discipline
  4. The student’s case manager providing the Tier 2 or 3 interventions will complete the behavior intervention plans and enter the progress monitoring data points
  5. Purchase PBIS Apps Suite for the district/campus (unless previously purchased by the district/campus), a cost of $570 per campus
Additional Recommendations
  1. One full-day RtI-Behavior overview workshop to all staff or new staff to the campus/district at the beginning of the year
  2. Another full-day RtI-B overview just for principals, assistant principals, counselors
  3. Additional on-site training for ISS and DAEP staff (as needed)
  4. Build/utilize an existing school culture/climate parent survey
Additional Considerations, Dr. Q Consulting could...
  1. Serve as the charter’s contact for Data Compliance Review- Discipline
  2. Lead the district’s efforts to integrate CHAMPS into the above mentioned RtI-B process, grades K-12
  3. Conduct a safety audit for each campus twice a year (early Fall & late Spring)
  4. Conduct teacher observations and feedback cycles for teachers struggling with classroom management
  5. Serve as the charter’s Level 2 discipline hearing officer
Possible funding sources:
  • State Compensatory Education
  • Title I, Part A
  • Title II
  • Title IV, Part A
  • Title V, Part B
  • Special Education, specifically CEIS funds 
Proposal Investment (based on the number of days needed):
  • 1-29 days:        $600-$17,400
  • 30-59 days:      $16,200-$31,860
  • 60-89 days:      $28,800-$42,720
  • 90 days:            $40,000